Our Team

Pradeep Srivastava, a B. Tech. From IIT Varanasi (Class of 2003) is a well known name in Physics teaching in Ahmedabad. He is very simple and dedicated to his work. His most powerful weapon is his simplicity with which he teaches the subject. It is like you will be amazed that physics of JEE could be this easy. He believes that good teaching is not just to include everything but to exclude unnecessary thing too, to ease the burden of students a lot.

Rajesh Jain, a B. Tech.(Chemical Engg.) From NIT Jaipur (Class of 2003) needs no introduction as he is one of the teachers in Ahmedabad who actually introduced the IIT-JEE to the students here as early as 2003. At that time it was general understanding that Gujarati students don't go for IIT-JEE. It was his way of teaching chemistry that made students believe that chemistry is not the subject to learn more and understand less. He changed the way of thinking of students and made Chemistry fun to understand.

Adarsh Kumar Banka, a B. Tech. From IIT Varanasi (Class of 2002) has been teaching since then and have taught students in Delhi & Kota. He thinks that one cannot learn without visualization and what better way to visualize Mathematics than graphs and diagrams. His graphical approach make students as well as teachers think that there could be no better way to solve the problems. He starts with the very basic of the topic and takes the students to the zenith on a roller coaster ride. His classes are full of fun and energy and he connects to the students very easily.