Our Mission

We started teaching the IIT aspirants with the idea of helping more and more students in fulfilling their dreams of getting into IIT’s. In this process we need to connect to the students on personal level to understand individual’s need which was not happening because of high number of students in our classes so we decided to change everything and started a new system called FIRSTRANK Education with the vision of giving the proper education and to do that, we decided on following points -

1. Maximum 40 students per class so as to attend each student efficiently.

2. Same teachers throughout the course in XI as well as in XII so that students don't have to go through a lot of adjustments when teachers change in between the session. This way student are saved from mental trauma.

3. Weekly tests which comprise of Board pattern tests also along with JEE Mains/ BITSAT level test and JEE Advance level test in cycle so that students do not suffer in their board examinations.

4. Doubt solving sessions (outside the class) is done by us only , not with any other teacher so that students don't have to manage two different ways of teaching.

5. As there are only 40 students per class so admission will be on test basis only and if any student is found to be lagging behind then their parents would be consulted and student may be shifted to JEE Mains / BITSAT batch (NO JEE Advance) till he shows some improvement, just to save him from excessive pressure.

6. Parents of the students must visit the teachers at least once a month to discuss progress of their child as per their convenience.

7. 5 % students per class will be those bright students who are below poverty line and cannot afford to pay the fee and will be taught absolutely FREE.